Volunteer’s Choice

The volunteers helping out at Greyhound Trust Canterbury love all the dogs in the kennels, but sometimes individual hounds will steal the hearts of one or two volunteers especially. They could be the black beauties, which sadly are still harder to home than “colourful” greyhounds, or a dog that has been in the kennels for a very long time; or one that needs an extra special home.

On this page we highlight two dogs that a chosen volunteer thinks have been waiting too long to find a forever sofa.

The current special greyhounds, patiently waiting for their forever family, are:



Moon, who is going to 5 in October, has been with us for more than a year and it’s time she finds her happy forever ever after.Quite quiet on arrival, she is now turning out to actually be quite a mischievous young lady! So if you are looking to bring some entertainment into your life, contact Brian to have a chat about Moon.







Bonnie is another black, petite girl that has been waiting for her forever home for a while, and we don’t understand why. When you meet her you will find she walks nicely on the lead, is friendly and no trouble at all. We think she will make a great choice for a first time greyhound owner, as she is rather chilled. She will be better as an only dog or with a boy rather than a girlfriend to live with, but otherwise we think she will fit most homes. Don’t make her wait any longer and visit Bonnie at the kennels today 🙂