We did not want Matty to go on the chairs or up the stairs and he has never done this. He has never fouled in the house which came as a wonderful surprise to me. He cried a little for the first night and we let him out into the garden for a wee at midnight the first few nights too, but this was probably unnecessary.

Matty is so very laid back (although easily startled), he has had many child visitors within the first few days of adoption and took it all in his stride. We took him on the bus for a short journey initially
because this is a main way that we travel and he was superb - eventually lying quietly on the floor. Dinner time is of great interest to Matty, but after persisting with commands like 'Away' and 'To your bed' and 'No' with firmness and physically showing him what we mean, he takes himself off to his bed now and does not steal food or beg. Matty rarely barks and does not mither for attention. He loves being brushed and stroked but also enjoys lying on his bed for hour after hour - often it is difficult to get him to come for walk!

I would recommend a retired racing greyhound to anyone. He is such
lovely and gentle company, without being over the top and a nuisance. He has never snapped or barked at the children although we have been careful to give him space and not be too over enthusiastic. He has met many different dogs of different breeds and, although he has needed supervision, especially with small dogs and over enthusiastic dogs, he is learning fast and does not have a mean temper, I am feeling more and more confident about letting him off the lead in a totally fenced location.
We have had Matty for 1 and a half weeks so far and look forward to enjoying his company for many years to come.

A new owner, Fiona, sent us an email detailing her families experience with a newly adopted greyhound, Matty, from our Shatterling kennels. We would welcome any new owners feedback to add to this page.
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