Covid-19 Update 21st May:
Due to the partial easing of lockdown currently in place we are now able to welcome some visitors to the kennels under certain circumstances and whilst fully following social distancing protocols.

Committed, prospective adopters can now come to kennels by appointment only. Staff will meet them at the gate with their potential dog in order for them to meet the dog & take them for a walk prior to adoption. If fully committed at this stage, the adoption process can be done. To contact the kennels please call 01227 722847.

We are also still grateful to receive any donations of food from online shopping, which the retailer can deliver directly to the kennels (or financial donations). If you are able to help with either of these, please contact us.

We thank you very much for your understanding and support at this difficult time. Stay safe everyone and thank you. If you already own a dog and need advice during this challenging time, please see our advice for dog owners during Covid-19.

About Us

The Sittingbourne  branch was set up in 2006 to find homes for the greyhounds that have retired from racing at the Central Park Stadium in Sittingbourne, Kent. The organisation has expanded and has now been renamed the Greyhound Trust Canterbury.

The Greyhound Trust  is a national charity, founded in 1975 and we are dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds when their racing days are over. All our members are dedicated volunteers who give their time to help find homes for these beautiful dogs.

Greyhounds as Pets

Greyhounds make great pets for all kinds of individuals and families. They are low-maintenance, gentle and laid-back dogs that don’t need lots of exercise – the majority are perfectly happy with two twenty minute walks a day, and will gladly spend the rest of their time dozing quietly next to you (often on their backs, with all four legs in the air!)
The majority of greyhounds retire from racing between three and five years of age, so they are still relatively young dogs with a long life ahead of them. At any one time, we have a selection of greyhounds of various ages, all with different temperaments and all seeking a loving home. They are loyal and loving and once you had a greyhound you become somewhat addicted to them! To find out more about the homing process or what greyhounds are like as pets, see our homing a greyhound page.

As a charity we rely on raising money through fundraising; we have regular events to raise funds as well as awareness about greyhounds as pets. If you want to help, come and see us at one of our outings.

If you’re not in a position at the moment to adopt a greyhound but still want to help, there are lots of ways you can do so.

Why not help us by volunteering your time to help walk our kennel dogs, tell the world how lovely greyhounds are, or even organise your own fundraiser to raise money to help the hounds.

If you would like to become a volunteer, just want to walk our dogs or need more information, please contact us or come and see Brian and his team at the kennels near Wingham, Canterbury, Kent.